Right now, we only have one plan: Free. While building out the core features of, we want to make sure that we are building the right features for our users. We are currently working on a Pro plan that will be available soon.


For personal use



  • Create a personal page
  • Create up to 10 subpages
  • Page Names with up to 20 characters
  • Full Page Customization
  • Basic Analytics


For small businesses or pro users



  • Create up to 10 pages
  • Create up to 100 subpages colletively
  • Unlock more page layouts
  • Unlimited Sections per Page
  • Share private pages
  • Page Names with special characters
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Is my URL permanent?

    Yes, your URL is permanent. The URL only gets set free if you delete your page. If you want to change your URL, you can do so in the settings.
  • What are subpages?

    Subpages are pages that are nested under your main page. For example, if you have a page called "MyPage", you can create subpages like "MyPage/Story" or "MyPage/Hobbies".
  • How do I delete my page?

    You can delete your page in the settings. Once you delete your page, your URL will be available for anyone to use.

    Note: Deleting your page is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • When will the Pro plan be available?

    We are currently working on the Pro plan and many of the features are already available. We are working on the last few features and will release the Pro plan soon.